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Friday, September 17, 2021

Advantages Of Using Bedliners On Your Pickup Trucks


A spray on bedliner is basically a coating that is applied onto the inside of a truck bed to protect it from damage like scratching and denting. This is done by thickening the plastic sheeting so that it becomes hard enough to withstand blows from the pickup truck's tires. It also creates a skid resistant surface which enables cargo to remain in place, however this latter aspect depends on certain circumstances. The coating needs to be thick enough to resist deep gouges caused by skids or even cracks caused by repeated attempts to lift or lower the load.

Spray-on bedliners do not follow the same manufacturing procedures as traditional roll-up bedliner or drop-in bedliner in that it is manufactured using a specially designed spray gun to apply the product and it is applied in one, two, or three thick layers. The two basic types of spray-on bedliner are either spray painted or spray-on polyurethane foam. The difference between the two lies in the thickness of the material and the number of coats needed. As compared to rolled-up bedliner spray on bedliner requires a shorter time for application and it is not affected by minor irregularities like air pockets in the material caused by rolling over it.

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, a spray-on bedliner has a higher durability value as the durability is not dependent on constant use like that of roll-up liners. It also costs less than both a spray painted bedliner and a drop in bedliner due to the reduced amount of labor required to apply the bedliner.

The most popular and effective bedliner among automobile manufacturers is the spray-on armature bedliner. Armature bedliners are made from high quality materials such as Armalite CPX grade urethane that is known for its longevity and strong seam strength, which make it ideal for use in everyday transportation needs. This product is available in both two and four-ply varieties, and both the variants can be used with most standard bed liners. However, spray-on bedliners are known to last longer than other forms of bedliner, making it the number one choice of most trucking fleets. Its cost-effectiveness and ease of application rank it as the number-one choice of truckers.

Another advantage of spraying on a bedliner is its ability to easily match with existing bed liners. If you have a pickup with sharp or dingy tires, you can easily spray-on bedliner that matches the existing truck bed liners. This will help you avoid buying new truck bed liners every time you wheel out your pickup. Spray-on bedliners also work well with bumpers and side skirts, further improving their versatility and usefulness.

Another advantage of bedliner spray is its ability to instantly provide bedliner protection when newly fitted. Once a pickup owner applies a bedliner to their vehicle, they no longer have to wait several days or even several weeks to observe its positive results. Instead, they immediately notice a noticeable reduction in tire tread wear, abrasions, and dents. This leads to an overall boost in pickup reliability, where even long-term use of the vehicle causes minor imperfections in paintwork and finish. Lastly, bedliner protect pickup owners' vehicles from acid rain that causes the fading of paintwork over time.

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