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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Spray On Bedliner: A Step By Step Process

Bedliners are something that can transform the looks and durability of your truck bed. Many people understand how the classic plastic Bedliners are set up in the bed of a truck due to their simplicity; however, the majority of people do not realize what it requires to do a Spray In Bedliner correctly. Spray-In Bedliners are fantastic because they can make your brand-new truck bed look better and make your old truck bed look terrific! Numerous most likely think that Spray In Bedliners are a fairly easy procedure when in reality there is much more to them than many people think. In this blog, I am going to go through all of the actions of doing a Spray In Bedliner.

Let's Get Started!

Pull Truck-In-- First the skilled spray tech pulls the truck into the cubicle that is designed specifically for doing Spray In Bedliners. This cubicle has updated ventilation together with an innovative pumping system that allows for the ISO and Resin to be sprayed through the nozzle of the spray gun at exact temperature levels and pressures.
Removal of Parts-- The spray tech gets rid of the tailgate from the truck and sets it on a stand that is developed specifically for spraying that piece of the truck. In addition to this, all removable tie-downs are removed from the truck bed so that they do not get spray on them. All of these will be re-installed after the truck bed is sprayed so they preserve the tidy aim to them.

Masking-- The spray tech then starts masking the whole truck off. Typically, they start with line tape which will provide a nice tidy line where the edge of the Bedliner is. They then do a couple of layers of masking tape along with that, which is also accompanied by a complete layer of plastic that covers the entire truck. This plastic is used to prevent overspray from getting anywhere not planned on the truck.
Sanding and Cleaning-- The spray tech then takes a sander and sands all surfaces of the truck bed that will receive the polyurea thermoplastic elastomer. This sanding develops a rough surface area so that the spray will stick well to the truck bed in every part. After this, the tech sprays out the bed of the truck with air and cleans down all surfaces with denatured alcohol. This denatured alcohol removes anything that will disrupt the adhesion of the Bedliner.

Spraying-- The tech then puts on their full fit in addition to their breathing mask and they switch on the pump and hose pipe heaters. The hosepipe heating systems heat up the ISO and Resin to accurate temperatures so that they are able to spray out of the gun in a liquid manner like paint would. When all temperature levels and pressures are where they need to be the tech does a number of practice sprays on a plastic piece in order to make any last-minute adjustments to how the gun is spraying. The method the gun works is really rather fascinating, the ISO(the adhesive compound) and the resin (the black substance) are really in separate tubes all the way to the gun. When they reach the gun they blend in addition to air in order to develop an ideal mix for the truck bed. After the spray gun is working precisely how it should, the tech then begins spraying in a specific series. Throughout the first coat, the tech is actually rather near to the surface of the truck with the gun being 2-3 feet away. Being this close permits a thick layer to be used while being rather smooth. Once a think layer is done on the whole truck bed they then return and make certain no areas require additional protection. Finally, the tech stands about 5-6 feet far from the surface area and starts spraying with a specific method. Standing this far allows the Bedliner to dry a little bit in the air provide it the textured surface area when it sticks. The tech does this action until every part of the surface area is textured according to company requirements.

Elimination of tape and plastic-- The tech pulls all of the line tape within 5 minutes of spray in order to produce clean edges for the customer. At this point, all other tape and plastic is eliminated.

Re-install-- The tie-downs are included back to the truck bed in addition to the tailgate.
Lastly, the Spray In Bedliner is all finished up and dry to the touch. Nevertheless, it is wise to leave the tailgate down for a day and not put anything in the truck bed for that period so that it remedies to the truck bed well. 

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