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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Protect Your Equipment With Polyurea


Expensive construction and industrial equipment are employed in the most high-wear surroundings. ArmorThane offers coating solutions to preserve and revitalize equipment at a fraction of the price to replace. With ArmorThane, operators can help protect their people, products, and vehicle investment from costly exterior destruction as well as manpower downtime. Because it's particularly favorable in wet conditions, ArmorThane helps keep cargo and supplies from sliding around in the back of fleet and utility trucks, building a more stable administration situation for workers.


Polyurea stems from the Polyurethane family and is extremely versatile, known for its abrasion resistance, superior adhesion, and ability to fight corrosives. Its strong, durable finish waterproofing capabilities and incredibly fast cure time make it a preeminent solution in protective coatings. Additional to being an excellent coating, Polyurea is tough enough for heavy-duty use in commercial applications. 

Polyurea is ideal for heavy-duty work; whether you are looking to protect against rust or corrosion and whether you need a nonskid finish or want a tough, durable protective coating, Polyurea is the solution.

  • Ramps, walk-in coolers and refrigerators, kitchens and grocery stores, decks, porches and balconies, concrete foundations, aquariums, commercial pools, ponds, and planters.
  • Street sweepers, utility trucks, vans, trailers, freight liners, tankers, and RV's
  • Ambulances, armored panels, spray rigs, interior cab floorboards, boat floors, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and transport containers


The possibilities are infinite. ArmorThane's specialists can recommend the best coating system based on your requirements.

 Contact ArmorThane today to discuss how Polyurea Coatings can enhance your next project!

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